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Home Creations

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When looking for something special for your home, you may have a lot of ideas that come to mind. We have built our business on trying to create beautiful items for the home and office space. We have done it by glass pressing and creating beautiful pieces of glass that you can set on your tables or desks. However, we have now decided that it is time for us to expand. We have decided to broaden our horizons and create other types of beautiful home creations that you will cherish.

Our Glass Creations

We will still continue to make glass dishes, candy bowls, sundae glasses, figurines, and all the other things you’ve come to love. We are not giving up the beautiful pieces that have made our business what it is today and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. It has been our pleasure to see what we could achieve with glass and are very thankful that others have loved our creations as much as we have. We are going to continue to come up with new designs and new ideas. The truth is, glass does limit our ability. Therefore, we have decided to try and create other types of furnishings for the home, so that you can have more of a selection when you visit our store.

Our Homey Ambitions

As much as we love glass, we also realize that wood is a beautiful material as well. Therefore, we are going to start creating wooden items for the home. This may eventually mean that we have tables for your kitchen, chairs for your porch, and more. Eventually, we hope to work up to where we have decor for every room of your home. Some of our items may be made with different types of wood and different paint colors if you prefer painted over natural. One day we also hope to create safe items for your baby’s nursery and have round baby cribs for sale, since we feel that your baby deserves only the best, most beautiful nursery decor. We also hope to be able to provide your master suite with the same kind of quality in headboards or other items for that special room.

Let’s See Where We Can Go

We have already begun planning for the things that we will create. We have already discovered the beauty that can be created with other things for the home. As we continue to expand our horizons and exceed your expectations, we will continue to give you only the best that we can create. We are doing it for ourselves and for the people who have asked us to create pieces of furniture that they can use and enjoy. In some cases, we may even try to incorporate our glass into some of the other furnishings so that you can have the best of both worlds. All that we ask of you is to consider taking our creations into your home and inviting others to take a look at all that we have to offer.


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The Beauty of Glass

Pressed glass is a type of glass that is often referred to as patterned. It was originally produced during 1850-1910. During its day, it was used as an everyday product. People would have cruets sitting on their dining room table at dinner time every night. They would leave sugar bowls out on trays for tea or coffee time. It was used because it was attractive and durable. There were different patterns and shapes available.

How Pressed Glass Is Made

Pressed glass is made using a cast iron mold. This means you can see the seams where it was put together, but because of the patterns, you will have to look closely to see them. There are over 3000 known glass patterns that you can choose from. It is also available in blue, green, amber, Vaseline, ruby, and clear.

pressed glass patternsOne of the most popular glass types is flint glass because it has lead in it to make it stronger and more brilliant. Some people may worry about it being made of lead, but there is no proof that shows flint glass is dangerous to your health. If you prefer, though, there are non-lead glass pieces available, but take note that they do not have the sparkling beauty of the true Flint Glass patterns.

Available Glass Pieces

With Patty George, you will find a variety of pieces available. You can use them daily or put them up as interesting decorative pieces of artwork. It is your choice. Some people choose a variety of patterns to create a table that is truly one of a kind. All pieces are made of glasspressed glass tumbler and therefore very durable and beautiful. You can choose from a variety of sugar bowls, cruets, and goblets. You will also have the opportunity to shop for Howards, a type of cleaning product that not only cleans glass, but can repair minor imperfections that may show up over extended use. This includes scratches and other dings.

Where to See the Beauty

If you are near the Queensville area, you will have the chance to see these beautiful works of art at Antique Shows. There are also displays at the Queensville Antique Mall. All you have to do is look for the signature green ribbon tags and you will know that you are looking at true Patty George Pressed Glass creations. This will allow you to find the pieces that you like and you will be able to take them home with you and create a more elegant holiday party table or use it every day in your home. Are you ready to see the pieces that are available?