Tools of the Trade

glass kilnPressed glass or patterned glass is a beautiful art form that can be used in a variety of goblets, bowls, plates, and more. It was first patented by an American inventor in 1825, though it didn’t hit its popularity peak until closer to the 1880s. This is when it became mass produced by companies all over the world. What does it take to make patterned glass? If you are interested in giving it a try, there are several tools of the trade that you will need.

The Tools Used in Pressed Glass Projects

The necessary tools for you to use when creating glass products is as extensive as the patterns that you can create with pressed glass. The two most important tools you will have to have is a way to heat up and melt the glass as well as a mold to put it into so that the desired glass comes out when it is cooled down again.

The heating process is most often done with a machine or a kiln of some type. Once the glass is melted, you will need to put it into the mold, let it set, and cool it down. About the only time that you will use other tools besides a mold is if you are hoping to shape the glass on your own. At this time, a muti-tool that is specifically designed for a pressed glass specialist will be a helpful tool to have on hand.

multi toolsShaped Glass Tools

When shaping glass, you will want to use a glass multi-tool like one from that allows you to work with melted glass while it cools off, without you having to worry about getting burned by the glass. There are also roller shapers and barrel shapers. Many of these are used to make glass beads. There are also pliers you can use and torches to keep the glass warm while you are shaping it. There are also glass cutting tools that can be used to help you shape the glass the way you want it. It is also ideal for cutting away excess from the molding.

Where to Begin

As a beginner, it may not be something you just dive into. You will have to purchase a kiln, tools, large pliers, and molds that you like. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about it, you should check out a book that tells you how to get started in the world of glass. There are several detailed books available that will be able to tell you about the variety of tools that are helpful.