decorative cruet When you want to add beauty to a table or to any other area of your home where bottles are found, you may want to have cruets rather than
bottles. They are designed to be vases for a dinner table and add style where you would otherwise have a large plastic bottle. Some people would prefer this, especially during holiday meals, but their uses can go much further than the dining room.

oil and vinegar cruetsThe Beauty of Cruets

Even people who do not know what a cruet is will know when they actually see them. They simply may not recognize the name. They are vases that have a small stopper on the top of them that you take out when you want to pour a liquid out of them. They are all different shapes and sizes, but thanks to pressed glass, they may also be created in a variety of patterns.

What Will You Use Cruets For?

People use cruets for many reasons. Some people keep them in their dining room for use as a way to serve salad dressing and syrups. They can be used to hold cream for tea and coffee. The main reason that people use them in this area is that you have a decorative bottle rather than a plastic bottle for serving these types of items.

Since they are decorative, many people use them in other areas of their home as well. You may purchase a pressed glass cruet to use in the bathroom as a way to hold soaps or bubble baths. It will look more appealing than having a large plastic bottle sitting on the side of your tub. You can use it for shampoos and hand soap as well if you wanted to. If you use bath salts or other things, you can also use it for them, even if they are powders.

Give the Gift of Cruetsglass cruets

Many people also give cruets to people that they know as gifts. A bottle of bubble bath and a pretty cruet can impress most women. It is an easy gift that has many useful purposes. Can you think of a woman that wouldn’t want a beautiful way to store their soaps when they are not in use? Or can you imagine a person that would not want to dress up their holiday tables? Most people simply do not think about dressing up their dressings, syrups, soaps, and other stuff. That is why they have you as a friend or family member. You can show them the beauty of a pressed glass cruet and enjoy knowing that it will be used.